10 Upcoming Glow Runs, Electric Runs & Light Up Events

Posted by Thierry Duthil on 24th Feb 2014

Glow Runs, Electric Runs & Light Up Events

Glow Run History

Glow Runs, also called Electric Runs, are running/walking events that involve physical activity in a party atmosphere. They are held at night, using multiple areas and zones of neon and flashing lights. The idea began on college campuses, but has grown into a nationwide business with venues in nearly every state.

The concept has grown in popularity so much that some charities are now using glow runs as a fund-raising event. This has expanded the age of participants to include everyone from small children to senior citizens. There are also theme races available; these options can include battlefield simulations and zombie attack survival. For options like these, runners can register as individuals or compete as teams. Parents are setting up Glow Run Birthday Parties for their older teen and young adult children. One organization even sponsored an event that encouraged young women to bring out their old prom dresses for one more party.

Although the Electric Run is held at night, there are pre-run events that begin earlier. Depending on the event, there is face-painting available for kids, Yoga and Zumba classes designed to get runners limbered up for 3.1 miles (5K) of fun and exercise and various food and drink tents. Entry packets with a t-shirt, participant wristband and at least one glow-in-the-dark decoration such as a necklace are also handed out at this time as well. You can bring your own light up shirts are as an option to wear to the event. Groups of friends can all wear this same t-shirts to keep track of each other's progress.

How Glow Runs Work

The Runs themselves are an incredible mix of lights, sound and exercise. Everyone is encouraged to have their best time, but it is really more about enjoying the course with family and friends while getting a good workout. There is no countdown clock to race and all participants should be more concerned with looking at the neon palm trees and trying to navigate the flickering black light zones. There are tunnels made up of laser light to race though while dodging Glow Run-In-The-Dark Zombies. Depending on the surroundings, fountains and buildings are lit up that can be seen from a mile away.

For walkers and runners who want to take a break or may have younger children with them, there are music zones. Also along the course with DJs that will be playing until the last person crosses the finish line. The lights in these zones change with the music, keeping the energy and mood up even while the participants are standing still.

Afterwards, there is at least one party area set-up. A DJ will be there playing music until the event closes and giveaway items are handed out such as glow sticks and necklaces. More food and drink tents are set-up and depending on city ordinances, beer and other alcohol are available for participants over 21. Charity sponsored events use the post-run time to hold auctions and/or hand out awards for those people who have supported their organization.

Upcoming Electric Runs

If you‚ are interested in attending an Electric Run, they are held across the U.S. from North Carolina to California. Here is a list of ten Runs coming up this summer. Click on the links below for more information, their sponsors and even more Run dates.

Tuscaloosa, AL - 22 February


Oklahoma City, OK - 01 March


New Bern, NC - 29 March


Chattanooga, TN - 05 April


Sacramento, CA - 30 May


Twin Cities, MN - 06 June


Kansas City, MO - 14 June


Cleveland, OH - 20 June


Baltimore, MD - 19 July


Seattle, WA - 08 August