12 Biggest & Best Electronic Festivals Left Worldwide in 2012 - Part 1

Posted by Thierry Duthil on 1st Apr 2012

12 Biggest & Best Electronic Festivals Left Worldwide in 2012 - Part 1

By NiteLifeTshirts.com

If our Ultra Music Festival Miami Guide was not enough for you, or we just got your lips wet, this month we bring you our ‘Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Electronic Festivals Left in 2012’ - and there is a lot going on. Planning ahead with any of these, the most popular festivals, is absolutely essential. Everyone should have worked that one out with the Ultra Festival in Miami recently. It was a total blast!

Festival participation is a way of life for some people, and making sure you get the access and enjoyment you are looking for means planning ahead. The more you plan, the more you can enjoy and take a carefree attitude at the event. It might seem cool to have the party attitude before you go, but it won’t be after you arrive.

Here is our complete guide to the best and the biggest electronic festivals left for the rest of 2012. We obviously couldn’t include every festival on the planet, and so we have elected to take editorial selection and provide what we believe to be the best.

We are using our own rating system based on our experience at some of these events, the information we have gathered from interviewing past attendees, and our opinion based on our knowledge of our avid clubbing and festival readers!

Music Festival Crowd

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Music Festival Crowd[/caption]

A couple of points to remember when planning your next festival. Tickets: Ticketing systems for these festivals have really come a long way in the last few years. We are only giving the rough price descriptions. You should look around online as there are always discounts to be had. Many of the radio sites in Europe, for example, are an excellent way to get group or discounted tickets. You don’t necessarily need to buy directly from the official festival site - chances are you could get a better deal somewhere else (just like airline tickets - those big name media companies can sell a whole lot more tickets and so they get them cheaper). Look for package deals, including hotels, from the festival organizers. This way the hotel management know and are happy to have festival-going customers and you are probably going to get a good deal.  Don’t forget there are always some charges.

Travel: It is always worth looking around on a variety of sites. The best thing about going for a short party festival over a number of days is you can look for the cheapest tickets. You really want to know when you are going home, and nothing should be stopping that. We have bought many tickets from online sites that say the tickets are not changeable, when in fact, if you contact the airline directly, you can for a very small fee. Get smart about buying your airfares. Prices are changing all the time. Monitor those sites for a while and get the hang of getting a great deal.

Diligence: Independent travel insurance sites are generally great to go with. There is no need to book through the same site you bought your airline ticket from - they will be making a commission. Again, shop around, because prices and coverage are very different. If you can’t afford insurance, you can’t afford to go.

What NOT to Take: It is great to have your global-roaming latest mobile phone, but when you lose it, you will regret it. Any smart participant knows to take what they don’t mind losing. Who knows, you might lose your mind with any luck! That is the simplest rule. Either that or do what this experienced traveler does - get a strong cable and lock your belongings to yourself! It works! Especially with mobile phones!

What to Think About Before You Go: Do you have a Skype number? That can save you a shi%-load by hopping from free wifi spot to spot. Research availability of local SIM cards and requirements. Some countries want more than ID. Look at your government’s traveler advice website. Remember, it is not always perfect but will influence insurance claims. Read traveler blogs and other sites with real user input - forget any other.

What to Remember When You are Out and About: The majority of people you meet are probably honest to goodness. That doesn’t mean assholes are not out and around looking to take advantage. Always look around yourself and be aware of distance. You are not there as entertainment. Tourists are easy to spot because they are looking up and down. Locals look at the street and avoid eye-contact. Don’t be afraid, know how to contact reliable support from your country, and never let someone take you somewhere without someone you know being aware. This is your party, and you are not there to be taken advantage of.

Little Items You Might Forget You Need: Headache tablets will be on the top of the ‘Need Now MAN!’ list at 8am. Stack your room or place of rest with water and something to mix with it (Nestea or vodka) - as you please. Recharge cell phones before going out and coming home. Photocopy passport information page and visa stamp to carry with you. Lock or hide originals where no one can tamper with them. Keep copies of all travel and personal documents saved online. Have a great time. No one is going to dare mess with you.

We have taken a look at the top festivals, all for different reasons, we recommend you take part in for the rest of the year. We hope you find this a great resource. There are so many to choose from, it would be impossible to include them all. At the same time, we have highlighted those we think are the most interesting for different reasons, and at the end of the main guide, we have included a list for your further research.

Rating Legend for Our Rating Scores for Each Festival Quality of Performance: (1= Location is OK but Crowd is Great 2= Value for money 3= Good 4= Superb 5= Not to be Missed) Festival Value for Money: (1= Die-hard Clubbers Only 2=Professional Clubbers  3= Average 4= Good 5= Excellent): Local Expenses: (1= Cheaper than Cheap 2= Cheap 3= Cost Effective 4= Save for it 5= Best if You Want to Go Anyway): Ease of Getting to the Event and Getting Around: (1= Difficult 2= Speak the Language? 3= Bring Your Lonely Planet 4= Travel Skills Required 5= Easy) Culture & Vibe: (1= Lovin’ It 2= They Know How to Party 3= Take Your Own Crew  4= Not Much Like Home 5= Well, Shock Perhaps?)

Japan•Latin America•Europe APRIL•MAY•JUNE 2012 SONAR Location: Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Barcelona

Dates: SonarSound Tokyo 21-22 April Sonar Sao Paulo 11-12 May Sonar Barcelona 14-16 June

Closest Airport: Tokyo (Narita), Sao Paulo, Barcelo Other Airports: Not Need

Tickets (approximate cost in USD): V aired(but very affordable)

Our Ratings: Quality of Performance: 3 Festival Value for Money: 5 Local Expenses: 3 Ease of Getting to the Event and Getting Around: 5 Culture & Vibe: 5

Description & Comments: Sonar is not the biggest festival on the circuit, but it is one of the cheaper festivals with some excellent acts like Massive Attack (DJ Sets). There is nothing like getting a taste of new music from some bands you know and love from the past. There are 3 dates left in the year, and they are in 3 great locations. The music is more experimental and the crowds are very chilled. This festival started in 2002 and has a solid following. Great locations in Tokyo, Barcelona and Sao Paulo.

Recommended Resources: http://www.sonar.es/en

Links to more information: http://www.sonarcapetown.com/what-is-sonar.html http://www.facebook.com/SonarFestivalOfficialPage http://flickr.com/exitfestival

Electronic Music Festival

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400"] Electronic Music Festival[/caption]

USA MAY 2012 Movement: DEMF Location: Detroit Dates: 26-28 May 2012

Closest Airport: Detroit Metro Airport Other Airports: Not Needed Tickets (approximate cost in USD): 3-day Pass $70 VIP Pass $190

Our Ratings: Quality of Performance: 5 Festival Value for Money: 5 Local Expenses: 1 Ease of Getting to the Event and Getting Around: 5 Culture & Vibe: 5

Description & Opinion: The home of Techno is banging out another huge festival. Over 58 new acts have been released. We are talking hundreds of acts from where it all started. Widely considered the birthplace of Techno, the festival has been handed off from Derrick May to Kevin Saunderson and now to the Detroit-based Paxhau. The festival is still very true to the roots of techno, and this is one everyone in the USA cannot miss. Very affordable and very close to home.

Recommended Resources: http://www.thespacelab.tv/spaceLAB/theSHOW/MusicFestivals/DEMF-Movement-2012.htm

Links to more information: http://www.facebook.com/DEMFOfficial http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Electronic_Music_Festival

That's it for Part 1 of this article. We will post Part 2 inMay to cover festivals for the remainder of the year. Be sure to stock up on light up shirts to wear while attending all of these festivals. If you will be a vendor or want to represent your brand while in the company of tens of thousands of people, read about our custom light up shirts and their promotional effectiveness.

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