23 Uses for Custom Promotional Shirts that Light Up

Posted by Thierry Duthil on 18th Feb 2014

23 Uses of Custom Promotional Shirts that light up

Many businesses and individuals are discovering the wonderful world of custom light up shirts. Others have yet to have seen them or find a way to use this technology. These shirt can either light up to surrounding sounds or flash in a sequence. As a leader in custom led shirts, Nite Life T-Shirts has had the pleasure of creating custom shirts for all types of purposes. This list attempts to cover the many types of light up shirts that we’ve done and we hope to inspire some uses that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Brand Promotion

Your Brand in Lights! Is there anything better? Your brand in lights on a shirt! That’s where we come in.

Event Promotion

Special Events deserve special promotions. Grand openings, corporate gatherings, Auctions, and other events can be promoted with our shirts. The shirt can display a message, a web address and a date and we can flash it all in a sequence.


Conferences are a great time to use light up promotional shirts. The shirts can be used as a unique giveaway to promote your brand long after the conference has ended.


At a tradeshow, you are in competition. You are in competing to be seen and you are competing to be remembered. What better way to draw foot traffic to your booth than having your staff wear shirts that light up? Take that a step further and give some away so your brand can be remembered and promoted.


The music festivals like Ultra, Electronic Dance, Daisy Carnival, and many others are perfect for these shirts. Music, lights, and Nite Life T-Shirts go together.

Music Promotion

Record & Management Companies

Do you have a record company? Do you represent several artists? Draw attention to your company and promote your artists by giving away light up shirts. Brand them with your company or use them to create word-of-mouth advertising for you artists.

Band/Artist Promotion

You make beautiful music, you have adoring fans, and you want to stay connected. Your fans will love having a shirt that displays your band name and lights up to your music as they are reciting every lyric or fist pumping to the bass.


You high above the crowd. They are fist pumping the night away to the music you spinning. Leave a lasting impression on your fans with your DJ name and logo flashing to the beat as you give them a night to remember.

Street Teams

You’re hitting the streets, making connections, and handing out flyers. Why not do it in a light up shirt? You will be promoting your company and event whether someone takes the flyer or not. They will remember you.



Promote your cause in a new way.  Draw attention to the cause with one of our light up shirts. Nite Life T-Shirts has created custom shirts for many charities and has even help sponsor some events.


T-Shirts are often used for charity and school fundraisers. Spark new interest in this year’s fundraiser by selling light up shirts.

School Spirit

Represent your school with one of these animated shirts. Show off your school pride in lights with a shirt that flashes the school logo, mascot or a slogan. You can even create a shirt that pokes fun at a rival school.


You made it! You graduated. Celebrate this occasion with a custom graduation shirt. Instead of the regular Class of 2013 shirts, you can party the night away in a shirt that flashes to the beat.



Promote your Frat with these unique shirts. Announce your arrival with a shirt that flashes your greek letters in a cool and unique way. Have a shirt that sticks out to all the rushees and possibly give them away as incentive.


Represent your Sorority with these promotional shirts that light up. Be the envy of all the girls with a shirt that flashes your greek letters or slogan.


Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Celebrate this special occasion with our unique shirts. Give away a memorable party favors that the young attendees will be sure to love.

Wedding Celebrations

Bachelorette Parties

Take over the night with your girls all in matching light up shirts. Announce to the world that you are officially off the market and hitting the town for one last party.

Bachelor Parties

Take over the night with your boys in a shirt that lets people know this is your night. Get shots, get attention, and possible some party favors before your big day.


Make this birthday count. Make this birthday memorable. Make everyone notice you and buy you a shot with a shirt that can’t be missed.

Party Favors

If you’re tired of getting the same old party favors you can break the cycle by giving away a very unique one. Send your attendees of with a unique keepsake that they will love and continue to wear long after the music has ended and the cops have sent everyone home.


Fourth of July, Christmas, New Years....you get the idea. You can’t go wrong with one of these shirts. Instead of a custom shirt for July, you could get an American Flag shirt and for New Years you could try one of our clock shirts that have a countdown feature.

Foot Traffic

You’ve seen those guys standing on the corner in the heat with those gorilla costumes or large double-sided signs. What if you can give them a break by having them just wear a shirt? The light up effect of the shirt will have the same attention-grabbing effect that is desired without the extra bulk.


These are all the ideas we have so far. We have had customers use our services for just about every one of these reasons. Our customers have wonderful ideas and designs that continue to surprise us and keep this list growing. Visit our custom promotional light up shirt page and contact us today we look forward to working with you as well.

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