Promotional T-Shirts Advertising for Brands & Election Campaigns

Posted by Thierry Duthil on 18th Feb 2014

Promotional T-Shirts for Your Brand, Business, or Election Campaigns

Do you have a business that is trying to get its brand and name out there? The biggest thing about a business is its name and the reason it is the biggest thing about the business is because name recognition is a valuable tool. Something that a lot of businesses do is they pay thousands of dollars a month to promote their business on billboards and other forms of advertising but the one thing they don’t do enough of is promotional t-shirt advertising.

Have you ever seen a business do promotional t-shirt advertising? Have you ever gone to a sports game where the mascots shoot t-shirts into the crowd? The reason why they do this is so that you wear the shirt and help build their brand. What most people don’t realize is if their friend is wearing a shirt that is promoting something then they will remember it no matter what kind of promotion it was. If you have a business than you need to start using promotional t-shirts as soon as possible and if you have a local business then you should have no problem getting your name out there at a very fast pace.

How Light Up Promotional T-Shirts Can Help Your Business

Cost Effective – The first reason why a promotional t-shirt will help your business is because it will keep the cost down while still giving you the exposure that you need. If you have a newer business and you are not bring in that much income then you will have to watch your expenses and that is why promotional t-shirts help so much. Something that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t have to give away all your t-shirts at once, you can wait and see what demographic is using your business the most and then start giving your t-shirts away to those types of people.

More exposure – Having a promotional t-shirt means a lot more exposure. Most people don’t realize how much exposure they will get by placing a t-shirt on an individual. What I recommend is you find somebody that likes to go out and has a lot of friends and family because these are the people that will get the most attention by wearing your shirt.

Create word of mouth – Have you ever heard the business expression, “Word of mouth is like gold”? If you have not heard this then you just did and what it means is that there is nothing better than word of mouth. The reason word of mouth is so popular among business owners is because when a person recommends another person to their product then they don’t have to sell themselves as much and this makes their job a lot easier.

If you want to market your business then I suggest stepping outside the box and doing something that most people are not doing right now. Get an LED promotional t-shirt that will display your brand name,  message or logo in LIGHTS! These shirts are unique in that they can light up to sound or just flash your message every couple of seconds. offers custom LED light up shirts that will bring your promotional t-shirts to the next level in Brand Marketing.

This concept also works well for elections. Which shirt would you remember... a white shirt with the name Gene Eric or a black light up shirt that flashes "Gene Eric for Mayor!" In elections, name recognition is a major part of the game. Get a shirt that displays your name in a very memorable way.

Example Custom Light Up Shirt:

Example Light Up Election Shirt