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Custom Promo Shirts & Company Apparel that lights up!

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We can make custom promotional company apparel to help market  your business. Imagine your logo illuminated on our shirts at your next major event. You will get unbelievable attention to your brand with these  shirts. These promo shirts draw foot traffic to your booth at a tradeshow, draw attention to your brand at conferences, and bring new energy to your company at large conventions. Contact us today to get started! Custom shirts take 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Email us at or submit the contact form below. Thank you.


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Top Uses for Company Apparel that Lights Up

Brand Promotion
Event Promotion
Event Planning

Music Promotion
Greek Activities
Dance/Cheer Competitions
Wedding Celebrations
Holiday Celebrations


Why work with Us?
Long track record - Bringing logos to life since 2008
Satisfied Customers - Largest portfolio of clients from moms to Fortune 500
Quality - Higher quality, brighter panel, longer lasting product
Experience - Large quantities and tight deadlines require it
Customer Service - Fastest turn around for mockups, email response, & order completion

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